Video Music Awards 2015

Well, the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards just finished up and I can honestly say I have no idea what the hell was going on and I don’t think anyone else knew, either. There were production issues, Miley’s nipples, Rebel’s “Fuck stripper police” shirt that MTV was very clearly not prepared for, Nicki cussing out Miley, and of course, Kanye’s crazy (some say poignant) speech. I suppose it wouldn’t really be the VMAs without some sort of Kanye controversy.

My faith in the awards totally dropped off when I realized two things; the first was that the same songs and artists were being nominated over and over again and the second was when Nicki Minaj won the award for Best Hip Hop Video over Kendrick Lamar. I mean, let’s be honest, she basically rewrote someone else’s song & talks about banging a coke dealer.

I guess I’m a bit biased because I really love Kendrick. I love his words, his beats, his videos (which do not show half naked women licking ice cream or anything), and his attitude. But his video for ‘Alright’ was one of my favorites and definitely deserved a win in at least one of the categories for which it was nominated.

I understood why they had Miley host, it made sense and she was smart enough to announce her album during her closing performance. Love her or hate her, she’s pretty smart in that aspect. I don’t know why that bothered so many people, she was entertaining and honest. Plus, we got to see her nipples and that’s always fun. I suppose they expect a more legitimate artist to host, but they really shouldn’t have anyone serious and they probably couldn’t get that to work anyway.

It was cool to see beef unfold. Beef is a large part of all genres of music history and is certainly not limited to any one kind. So watching Nicki’s acceptance speech dissolve into a shit talk fest, I was pretty pleased and happy with Miley’s retort. Especially since she added that second jab about toilet papering Meek Mill’s house during one of the cheesy preshot videos.

Popular music is definitely lackluster now and more about consumerism than actual talent or music. There are dance craze songs and all of them end up being one hit wonders (though, this is part of music history, as well). The “artists to watch” usually end up having short-lived careers, many of them failing after a sophomore album, while deserving artists with substance and talent sail by under the mainstream radars, only to be detected and perhaps corrupted a few years later.

Is Nicki Minaj able to walk on her own? She needed help to the stage and part of me believes it’s because she keeps packing silicone into her ass cheeks. Who knew Hannah Montana would be a pot smoking, MDMA loving hippie a few years down the line? Kanye West made some sense but his overly dramatic movements and self awareness was difficult to watch. I guess when people watch your every move (and you’re on a stage in front of thousands of people), it’s hard to be authentic.

MTV used to be the place we all went for jaw-dropping moments including historic performances from great musical acts. Now, it’s transformed into a teenage reality television monster and even the awards shows have fizzled out. But alas … bitching about “back in my day” is a whole other post.